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                                        Chairman Message

It gives me immense joy and pleasure to share my perspective through the SFS VIBES of St. Francis School, Anpara, Sonbhadra, U.P. one of the premier educational institutions in India. The school has achieved milestones one after the other in the past 42 years, nurturing young minds to develop into a strong nation. I really lift up my heart to the Almighty in gratitude and thank you for his countless blessings,
guidance and constant protection. We fondly remember all the Reverend Fathers, Sisters, and teachers for their selfless services.

St. Francis School has been playing a marvelous role in grooming young men and women and sending them out into this world as ‘premier citizens’ who definitely leave no stone unturned to give to this world what they have received from this institution. In this materialistic world upholding moral values and selfless aspirations is not an easy task yet hats off to the dedicated teachers who have put in their efforts in instilling in these young minds high moral values and caring forward their moto, ‘Let Your Light Shine” At the end of the World War II, a letter was found in a Nazi concentration camp. It is addressed to teachers: “Dear teachers, I am a survivor of a concentration camp. My eyes saw what no one should witness: Gas chambers built by learned engineers, children poisoned by education physicians, infants killed by trained nurses, and women and babies shot and burnt by high school, and college graduates. So I am suspicious of Education. My request is to help your students become human.

The above letter is a great challenge for all teachers and parents. Today we live in a world war there is cutthroat competition and often we pay much attention to these competitions and five such achievements. We must primarily bring up our children in an ambiance of love, request, tolerance, truthfulness, honesty, integrity, understanding, and appreciation. When they leave love and respect others, they will be honest and truthful, human and humane. This is primarily of education.

I hope and look forward to a grace-filled year ahead and may your continue to strive for exercise in every field. May St. Francis, the patron of the school, intercede and watch over this institution and guard it from all dangers.
God bless you all!

                                                                                                          Most Rev. Bishop Louis Mascarnehas
                                                                                             President, Diocese of Allahabad Educational Society

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